About mMARCH

Our Goals

The Motor Activity Research Consortium for Health (mMARCH) is a collaborative international network. The consortium was created to facilitate the coordination of procedures, analyses, and data sharing among research groups collecting actigraphy data.

The aim of the mMARCH consortium is to investigate associations between motor activity, mood, and related disorders and states. The consortium has several specific goals:

  • to develop standard procedures for study administration, data management, and analyses of actigraphy data;
  • to conduct cross-site analyses enabling increased power and cross-validation;
  • to develop and integrate supplementary self-reported information from electronic or paper and pencil diaries;
  • to facilitate joint analyses of data to address topics defined by thematic subgroups, e.g., mood disorders, substance abuse, ADHD, genetic risk factors, sleep, physical health conditions, circadian rhythms, development, and inter-relationships of sleep, activity, eating, emotion, etc.


mMARCH structure
  • Coordinating center: Genetic Epidemiology Research Branch (GEB) at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).
  • Core groups: Original 5 sites collaborating on studies of mood disorders and employing the GENEActiv device.
  • Research groups: Centers affiliated with the network.